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Registration step 2 of 5: Athletes Code of conduct


Read this section carefully. Violation of our code of conduct can result in penalties up to and including dismissal from God’s Speed Youth Track & Field Club, assigned collections for the value of all unreturned or damaged equipment and forfeiture of all paid fees, dues and deposits.

Failure to agree to the code of conduct will result in disqualification until such time that the agreement has been successfully submitted by both athlete and parent/guardian. 

Athletes Code of Conduct

God’s Speed Youth Track & Field Club athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that best represents the beliefs and values of the club.

Our athletes are required to:

  • Be honest, respectful and reliable.
  • Commit to training.
  • Dedicate themselves to improving as an athlete and a person.
  • Maintain a MINIMUM GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Refrain from alcohol and drug use.
  • Avoid behaviors that may be misunderstood or misinterpreted by other youth athletes.
  • Treat other athletes in a fair manner regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, economic status or physical limitations.
  • Be helpful and supportive of everyone.
  • Respect rules and support the decision of all coaches and officials.
  • Be respectful during ceremonies and encourage other athletes to be respectful.
  • Praise athletes for their effort and celebrate the success of others.
Please type your full name in the field above indicating agreement with this code of conduct.
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